BRP Tour 2014 – Registration Open

BRPT 2014 Logo

BRPT 2014 Logo

Registration is now open for the Blue Ridge Parkway Tour 2014! Just head over to to sign up.

For this seventh annual running of the BRP we will travel from north to south. Using the registration system, you can let us know whether you will be doing the whole thing or just certain days. You can also place your orders for registration packages and t-shirts. You may notice we are charging a bit more for t-shirts this year. Based on some feedback we received, we are offering some slightly nicer t-shirts.

As we have done the past couple years, we will use groups to help participants experience the BRP Tour in a way that best suits their goals for the journey. The groups are:

  • Bear Group – this group will travel the BRP at a leisurely pace with plenty of stops to take in the scenery. Expect minimal excursions off the BRP.  But lots of time in fellowship with other MINI owners.  The plan is to be unrushed and take in the beauty of the BRP.

  • Wolf Group – this group will have a mix of everything. Stops for scenery, some spirited runs, some leisurely stretches, some off-BRP add-ons.  This group is for those more interested in the experience than in sticking to a schedule or seeing any particular place. Be ready for the unexpected and willing to roll with changes.

  • Otter Group – this group will really focus on the twisties.  This means there will likely be several off-BRP add-ons, possibly at the expense of some overlooks and maybe even missing a mile or two of the BRP.  It is anticipated that most runs, especially stuff off the BRP, will be done in a spirited manner.

We also have a couple unique opportunities available this year (both are tentative):

  • Skyline Drive pre-BRP Tour Event – We (the leaders of the Otter group) are planning a pre-BRPT run to start at the north end of the Skyline Drive at 3:00 pm and head south on Thursday, June 12th to arrive in Staunton in time for the opening BRP Tour dinner. If you have the time and want to get in an extra day of motoring, you may want to sign up for this pre-event. All drivers will head (via speed routes probably) to Front Royal, VA to have lunch (venue TBD) at around 2:00 pm on Thursday. This pre-run is to get our shoes warmed up for the Blue Ridge Parkway Tour. Note: you don’t have to sign up to be in the Otter group to drive this pre-run. See y’all there!

  • Pure BRP – Jeff Causey is planning to run a parallel group to the regular BRP Tour. The goal of this group is to stay on or within sight of the BRP the whole time. The only instances when the group may get off of the BRP will be for a gas stop and to attend the Saturday evening event. The group will be trying to get ahead of some of the other groups to get some pics/vids of MINIs on the BRP and stop at more overlooks and other locations. This group is expected to be limited to only 6-10 MINIs and is dependent on lodging being available (which means it may not even happen). This group is not recommended for first time participants or those who feel a need to stick to a schedule.

Don’t forget to book your hotel rooms!

If you have any trouble with the registration system or have questions about what you may be signing up for, please feel free to post on the THMMC forum or send an email to jcauseyfd at the domain of gmail.

We look forward to seeing you in June on the Blue Ridge Parkway!